Komatsu Gasket

As the professional Komatsu Gaskets manufacturers and leading brand of Taiwan, we owned a series of rigorous manufacturing process, the strictly quality control had been praised by lots of customers. As one of the best engine gasket manufacturers, we provided many types of high quality Komatsu Gaskets.


KOMATSU Gasket 6D105, 6738-K1-1100, 6738-K2-1100, 6735-11-1812, 6137-K1-3012, 6137-K2-3005, 6137-11-1810, 6136-11-1821, 6136-K1-9901, 6136-K2-9901, 6137-K1-1103
KOMATSU Gasket 6D107, 6754-K1-9901, 6754-K2-9901, 6754-11-1811
KOMATSU Gasket 6D108, 6221-K1-3000, 6221-K2-3000, 6221-17-1811, 6222-K1-3001, 6222-K2-3001, 6222-K1-9900, 6222-K2-9900
KOMATSU Gasket 6D110, 6138-K1-0102, 6138-K2-0102, 6138-19-1811, 6138-K1-9901, 6138-K2-9901, 6138-K1-6004, 6138-K2-1303
KOMATSU Gasket 6D114, 6743-K1-1100, 6743-K2-1100, 6742-01-5582, 6745-K1-1300, 6745-K2-1300, 6745-11-1811
KOMATSU Gasket 6D125(OLD), PC300, 6151-K1-3000, 6151-K2-3000, 6150-17-1812, 6151-K1-5000, 6151-K2-5000, 6150-17-1812, 6151-K1-9901, 6151-K2-9901, 6150-17-1812, 6150-K1-9901, 6150-K2-9901, 6151-K1-2002, 6151-K2-2002, 6151-K1-2002, 6151-K2-2002
KOMATSU Gasket 6D125(NEW), PC400-3 24V, 6155-K1-9900, 6155-K2-9900, 6151-17-1853, 6151-12-1810
KOMATSU Gasket 6D125, PC400-3 24V, 6154-K1-9900, 6154-K2-9900, 6151-17-1853, 6151-12-1810, 6159-K1-9900, 6159-K2-9900, 6158-K1-9900, 6158-K2-9900, 6153-K1-9900, 6153-K2-9900
KOMATSU Gasket 6D140(OLD), 6211-K1-0100, 6211-K2-0102, 6210-17-1813, 6212-K1-9901, 6212-K2-9901, 6211-K1-9901, 6211-K2-9901
KOMATSU Gasket 6D140.12V, 6215-K1-9901, 6215-K2-9901, 6210-17-1813
KOMATSU Gasket 6D140(NEW), 6217-K1-9900, 6217-K2-9900, 6210-17-1814, 6218-K1-9900, 6218-K2-9900
KOMATSU Gasket SAA6D140E, 6261-K1-9900, 6261-K2-9900, 6210-17-1814
KOMATSU Gasket 6D155, 6128-K1-0024, 6128-K2-1025, 6128-K2-1037, 6127-11-1817/1087, 6128-K1-9901, 6128-K2-9901
KOMATSU Gasket 6D170, 6162-K1-5000, 6162-K2-5000, 6162-13-1812, 6162-K1-9901, 6162-K2-9901, 6162-13-1812, 6241-K1-9900, 6241-K2-9900, 6240-11-1810, 6245-K1-9900, 6245-K2-9900, 6164-11-1814
KOMATSU Gasket NH220, 6610-K1-1600, 6610-K2-1600, 6610-11-1081, 6610-K1-3104, 6610-K2-7005, 6610-K1-9901, 6610-K2-9901, 6610-09-2100, 6610-09-2000
KOMATSU Gasket NT855, 6711-K1-0104, 6711-K2-0104, 6710-11-1081, 6711-K1-0103, 6711-K2-0101, 6711-K1-9901, 6711-K2-9901 and etc.