Solutions for Different Materials of Gasket

We offer all kind of gaskets for different applications

MATTO is one of the best engine gasket manufacturers (Gasket Supplier, Gasket Company) in Taiwan’s Gasket Manufacturing. Provide you with the variety and quality of gasket, is Taiwan gasket manufacturers leading brand.

We support you to make all kinds of gaskets for engines, compressor, automobiles, liquids, gases, acid and alkali chemicals, generators, precision machinery, all kinds of pipes, pneumatic tools, refrigerant , high temperature and high pressure-resistant machinery, marines.

We offer many types of gasket

Multiple Layer Metal Gaskets

Graphite Gaskets

Composite Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Liquid Elastomeric Molding Gaskets

Bonded rubber seal gasket

Copper washers , aluminum washer, rubber washers, metal washer


Special customize gasket

We offer all kind of gaskets for different materials

Non-asbestos gasket

Sound-absorbing cotton gasket

Graphite gasket

Insulating plate gasket

Oil proof paper gasket

Wool felt gasket

Porous gasket

rubber gasket

soft metal gasket

nylon gasket

steel gasket

Customize gasket development application

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