Manifold Gasket MERCEDES BENZ Series

Intake manifold gasket now is a modern sealing system. That is, have to deal with more aggressive media, higher temperatures, lower component strength and higher deformation under mechanical stress. WEIANN / MATTO makes high quality rubber to this part and be used in the intake area.

Exhaust manifold gasket is required hard material beads where the gas passes through at very high temperatures and low pressure. These gasket beads are always reinforced with metal sheets to resist the component movement that arises from large fluctuations in temperature. Modern exhaust manifold gaskets are made of uncoated, beaded multilayer steel (MLS) or composited metal/non-asbestos sheet. The number of sheet layers depends on the distortion of the exhaust manifold and cylinder head components. Leaks in the exhaust manifold produce bad exhaust values, a loss of power and increased fuel consumption.

MERCEDES BENZ Manifold Gasket Engine Name : MB401 MB402 OM327 MB602 M100 OM457 OM501 and more.

Manifold Gasket MERCEDES BENZ 1

Manifold Gasket MERCEDES BENZ 1 MB401 and more.