Head Gasket NISSAN Series

WEIANN / MATTO supplies cylinder head gasket for all conventional passenger car, trucks, forklifts, commercial vehicle, construction vehicle, heavy duty and machine engines. Increasing torque and performance with decreasing consumption and emission. The development goals in engine construction determine the requirements of modern gasket systems. As a leader in technology, an original equipment manufacturer transfers all of his expertise, experience and quality into the replacement parts business with a broad product palette.

NISSAN Head Gasket Engine Name : A12/A12S A14E A14S/A15S A14T A15 CA16DE CA16S CA18S CA18T CA18DE CA20S E10S E13S E15S/E16S E16/E15 GA13DS GA14DS GA14DE GA15DE GA15DS GA16DE GA16DS GA16Si H20 H20II H25 H30 J15/J16 J15(FORKLIFT) KA24DE KA24E L13/L14/ L16 L14T/L15T L16 L18 L20A L20AS L20B L24/L26 L24E L24S/ L26S L28S MA10 MA12 MA13 NA16S NA20S QG13DE QG15DE P40 RB20E RB24S/RB30S RB30E/T RB25DE SR18DE SR20DE SR20Di TB42S VG20S VG30S VG30DE VG30E VG30I VG33E VQ20DE VQ30DE Z16E Z16S Z18S Z20S Z22S Z24S/Z24Si Z24i BD25 BD30 CD17 CD20 ED30 ED33 ED6/ED60 FD33 FD33T/ED33T FD35T FD46/FD42 FD6 FD6T FE6 FE6T FE6A FE6TA LD20 LD20II LD20-T LD23 LD28 ND6/ND6-T NE6/NE6-T NF6TA PD6 PD6T PE6 PE6T PE6TN PF6 PF6T PF6/-T QD32 QG16DE QG18DE QR20DE/QR25DE RD28 RD28T SD16 SD20/SD22 SD23/SD25 SD33 SD33T TD23 TD25 TD27 TD27T TD42 RD8 RD10 RE8 RE10 RF8 RF10 RG8 RG10 RH8 RH10 BD30 ZD30DE UD4 and more.

Head Gasket NISSAN NF6TA

Head Gasket NISSAN NF6TA/11044-95506 and more.

Head Gasket NISSAN NA16S

Head Gasket NISSAN NA16S/11044-84G00 and more.

Head Gasket NISSAN PE6T

Head Gasket NISSAN PE6T/10101-96728,10101-96525/11044-96510 and more.

Head Gasket NISSAN PF6

Head Gasket NISSAN PF6/10101-Z0926,10101-Z0626/11044-96561 and more.

Head Gasket NISSAN QG18DE

Head Gasket NISSAN QG18DE/10101-4M725/11044-4M700 and more.

Head Gasket NISSAN QR25DE

Head Gasket NISSAN QR25DE/11044-EA001 and more.

Head Gasket NISSAN RF8

Head Gasket NISSAN RF8/10101-97827/11044-97505 and more.