Head Gasket ISUZU Series

WEIANN / MATTO supplies cylinder head gasket for all conventional passenger car, trucks, forklifts, commercial vehicle, construction vehicle, heavy duty and machine engines. Increasing torque and performance with decreasing consumption and emission. The development goals in engine construction determine the requirements of modern gasket systems. As a leader in technology, an original equipment manufacturer transfers all of his expertise, experience and quality into the replacement parts business with a broad product palette.

ISUZU Head Gasket Engine Name : 4XC1 4XE1 4XE1T 4ZA1 4ZB1 4ZC1 4ZD1 4ZE1 6VD1 6VD1D 6VD1-W/6VE1 6WA1 6WG1 G161 G161Z G180Z G200Z 2AB1 3AB1 3AC1 3KB1 3KC1 3KR1 3KR2 3LD1 4BA1 4BB1 4BC2 4BD1 4BD1-T 4BD2-T 4BE1 4BG1 4BG2 4EC1 4EC1T 4EE1 4EE1T 4FB1 4FC1 4FD1 4FE1 4FG1 4HE1 4HF1 4HG1 4HK1 4JA1 4JB1 4JB1-T 4JE1/4JC1 4JG2 4JG2-T 4JH1 4JK1 4JX1 4LB1 4LD1 4LE1 6BB1 6BD1 6BDT 6BDT-T 6BF1 6BG1/6BG1T 6HE1 6HH1 6QA1 6RA1 6RB1 E120 6SA1 6SD1 8PA1/B1 8PC1 8PD1 8PE1 10PA1/ 10PB1 10PC1 10PD1 10PE1 12PB1/12PA1 12PC1 12PD1 C190 C221 C223 C223T C240 D500 DA120/ DA640 DA220 DH100 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 8PD1

Head Gasket ISUZU 8PD1/1-11141-099-0 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 4JG2

Head Gasket ISUZU 4JG2/8-97066-196-0 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 4HK1

Head Gasket ISUZU 4HK1/8-97375-433-0 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 4ZD1

Head Gasket ISUZU 4ZD1/5-87810-319-2/5-87810-321-2 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 4EE1

Head Gasket ISUZU 4EE1/5-87810-761-0/8-97012-005-0 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 4JB1-T

Head Gasket ISUZU 4JB1-T/5-87810-668-1,5-87812-903-1/8-94109-553-1~2 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 6BG1T

Head Gasket ISUZU 6BG1,6BG1T/1-87811-203-0,1-87810-350-0 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 6QA1

Head Gasket ISUZU 6QA1/1-87810-199-4,1-87810-315-0/1-11141-169-0 and more.

Head Gasket ISUZU 6VE1(L)

Head Gasket ISUZU 6VD1-W,6VE1/5-87813-756-0~1,5-87813-053-0 and more.